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Supermarket milestone celebrated

WATTLE Range Mayor Des Noll and supermarket manager Dave Foster turned back the clock 50 years this week to reenact a red-letter day in Millicent’s commercial […]

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Shopping restrictions removed

RESIDENTS and visitors have longer to shop with Millicent’s supermarkets opening their doors for Sunday trading ahead of the festive season, but one retailer will be […]

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Stores support Millicent learning centre

TWO businesses have partnered with Millicent Community Learning Centre to provide students with barbecue supplies for fundraising and nutrition purposes. George Street Gourmet Meats and Foster’s […]

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Shoppers happy to fork out for lamb

QUALITY lamb meat is reaching record prices both at the saleyards and at the local butchers, with many happy customers coming in for a shank or […]

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Waste change comes at cost

BIODEGRADABLE products and recycling practices have captured news headlines since the State Government flagged a potential ban on single-use plastics from 2020. Shearer’s Cook Cafe proprietor […]

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Snagging food for thought

MILLICENT North Primary School’s youngest students were given a taste of a day’s work as a butcher after snagging the opportunity to see what goes on […]

Fire destroys Mount Burr family home

THE South East community is rallying behind a Mount Burr family who lost everything when a fire gutted their home on Friday afternoon. The Country Fire […]