Megan Peta Three  TBW Newsgroup

Canine virus outbreak in Millicent

AN OUTBREAK of a potentially lethal dog virus has been confirmed in Millicent for the second time within the space of five months. The canine parvovirus […]

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Children get farm lesson

A GROUP of Limestone Coast children aged five to 15 had a special day out earlier last week when they took part in Wagging School. The […]

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Jed rounds up the competition

CONMURRA Border Collie Jed has raced into the lead of the annual Cobber Dog Challenge after two weeks of competition. Eleven farm dogs are vying for […]

Man to face court over vet break in

A DOG has foiled an attempted break-in at the Millicent Veterinary Clinic after a burglar smashed a window and entered the building last month. The Mount […]

Lucky dog survives fall

YOUNG pup Sandy survived a fall down a five-metre deep hole in the rear yard of her Millicent house on Thursday morning. The Country Fire Service […]

Welfare League seeks justice

THE South East Animal Welfare League is calling for justice after a terrier cross named Rupert was thrown over its fence without regard to his safety. […]

Sniffer dog squad expands

THE number of South Australian Operation Security Unit dogs trained to sniff out contraband in the state’s prisons is set to increase, with two new members soon to join the squad[…]