Suspicious driver triggers investigation leading to multiple arrests

Suttontown Ave Incident (1)  TBW Newsgroup
SEARCH: A large police presence was visible on Sutton Avenue on Saturday as officers searched for a man who ran from police and dumped a loaded firearm nearby. Picture: MOLLY TAYLOR

A LOADED rifle dumped after


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It would have been nice if the police had have thanked the residents for their co-operation and help to ( where the loaded rifle was stashed ), and told them, they had finished their police work for the day, ( instead of the residents still abiding by the police instructions ), of staying indoors until they tell the residents they can come out of their properties. Those residents who were stuck indoors all Saturday, were unsure if it was safe to leave their properties as the Mount Gambier Police gave them no signal or call to say it was safe to, go about their Saturday duties. In the mean time, the residents were literally on edge and shaken up all of Saturday…. The police also failed to thank the residents and failed to tell them, they had captured the gunman on the run. It would have been respectful and nice if the residents had heard from the police rather than hearing of the story from Borderwatch. How many more guns are out there and why are they allowed in South Australia?
The main thing though, that the gunman is caught. Is he aware of the dangers he put those residents in?
An apology would be nice.

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