Students explore historic mysteries

REIDY Park Primary School students uncovered mysteries of the past last week in the Ancient Civilisations Showcase.

Working on their projects throughout the term individually or in groups, the Year 6 and 7 students chose their own topic to focus on, looking back at how things were done in the past and how they could be transformed in the future.

Teacher Alison Whibley said they had to create a project which looked at the past, present and future and how it could impact society.

“The students absolutely loved the project, they were always asking to work on it,” she said.

“It involved a lot of elements, including design and tech, research and the presentation aspect – some even used 3D printers.

“I think the reason they enjoyed it so much was because they could focus on their own interests.”

The projects were put on display last Thursday with parents, other students and staff members able to view the designs.

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