State’s key motoring group calls for road upgrades

Brian Smibert  TBW Newsgroup
SUPPORT OF LESS SPEED: Whistle Post’s Brian Smibert has thrown support behind the RAA investigation suggestion of limiting the Coonawarra strip’s speed limit to 80kph.

COONAWARRA vigneron Brian Smibert has backed calls for a speed limit review along the world famous winery tourism strip to improve safety.

Mr Smibert – who


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Ahh yes……the RAA, defending the rights of motorists.
Not content with Doing Nothing about the outrageous price of fuel for 30 years except whinge, now they roam the state looking for speed limits to reduce.
2 points:
Since the speed limit has been reduced from 110 to 100, the road toll has gone UP.
Fatigue due to longer time on road.

When was the last crash on this stretch of road?
This is just another person whinging because he might have to wait a second before ambling out onto National Highway One to cut off a truck lawfully doing the speed limit.
This Nanny State nonsense has to end.
If you cannot drive competently, stay off the road.

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