State Government fee and fine hike

MOTORISTS caught using a mobile phone will be charged $544 under new increases to fees, fines and charges.

The State Government released a schedule of fees, fines and charges for 2020/21, with most to increase by 1.9pc.

The increase covers a range of charges, including conveyancing fees, speeding and other fines, court-related costs and those associated with Births, Deaths and Marriages, such as registering a change of name.

Under the schedule, motorists caught speeding by less than 10kph will be fined an extra $3 (to $180), those travelling by 10kph or more but less than 20kph above the speed limit will be charged an extra $8 (to $406) while those driving without wearing a seatbelt will pay an extra $7 (to $388).

The fine for using a mobile phone while driving will increase by $10 to $544.

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