STAFF PROFILE: Shane Quintel – Machinist

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AFTER close to eight years working hands-on with The Border Watch printing press each day, machinist Shane Quintel still learns more about his trade every day.

Growing up in Mount Burr, Shane packed up for the “big smoke” at just 18 years of age, forging a career for himself in the printing industry.

It was during this time Shane met his wife, Romana, with the couple starting a family with the arrival of daughters Isabelle and Tessa.

After close to 16 years working in print in Adelaide, Shane and his family decided on a tree-change and he started his search for work in the South East.

“My wife and I were keen to raise our daughters in the country so we took a bit of a gamble and moved back,” he said.

“To begin with, there were not any printing jobs available so I worked part time as an inserter in addition to repairing windmills during the day.

“Unfortunately, I had to move up to Sydney in search of more stable work but my family and I just hated it – we really wanted to be back in the South East.”

After around six months living in Sydney and then back in Adelaide, a position became available full-time in The Border Watch printing room, with Shane jumping at the chance to come on board.

“My wife and kids wanted to stay in the country, so I was commuting between Adelaide and the Mount every week which was obviously a struggle,” he said.

“I was so grateful when I received the position at The Border Watch, it helped me stay in the industry that I have loved for so long while being exactly where my family wanted to be.”

Now fully settled back into life in the Limestone Coast, Shane said he enjoys the freedom and space regional living has to offer.

“We live on a five-acre property so I love working on the land whenever I can and spending time with my girls,” he said.

“I also enjoy windsurfing when the weather is nice, four-wheel driving and riding my motorbike through the sand dunes.

“That sense of freedom is something you just do not get in the city, there is fresh air, beautiful beaches and space to move here – we love it.”

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