STAFF PROFILE: Molly Taylor – News Cadet

Molly Fb TBW Newsgroup

WITH a passion for writing, music and the arts, a career pathway opportunity at The Border Watch Newsgroup proved too good to resist for news cadet Molly Taylor.

Throughout high school, Molly could not decide on an occupation and had multiple ideas of what her future could look like.

These ranged from studying a health science degree in Adelaide, an arts degree in Melbourne, or exploring local options as a teacher.

“In the end, my surrounding friends and family found it amusing as I changed my mind every few seconds,” Molly said.

“One day I decided on one job and the next day I just did not think it would suit me.

“I have always wanted a job I could enjoy, but I did not want to do the same thing every day.”

This stressful period motivated Molly to complete her final schooling year to her fullest potential.

This led to the idea of completing a gap year to explore options and finally decide on where her future would head.

At the start of 2018, Molly started a public relations and events traineeship with Tenison Woods College, which reignited her interest in writing and media.

“As the year passed by, I realised I no longer wanted to move away and I decided to explore career opportunities locally,” Molly said.

“I went to the 2018 UniSA Open Day, looked at online university and TAFE courses and kept an eye out for any interesting local jobs.

“There were not a whole lot of options and I had no idea what I was going to do”.

Whilst working at Tenison, she saw a sports cadet position with The Border Watch Newsgroup advertised, sparking memories of past work experience with the local business.

Jumping on the opportunity straight away, Molly handed over her resume.

“English was my favourite subject throughout school, so a career in writing just made sense,” Molly said.

“I always envied people who had a natural talent or skill and in a way I feel like writing is mine.

“A combination of sports and writing seemed like a perfect fit.”

After completing her work experience, Molly sometimes dreamed of a cadetship at The Border Watch Newsgroup and knew options like that were rare.

To her surprise, Molly did not interview for the sports position, but was instead offered a news cadetship, covering local news and handling The Border Watch Newsgroup’s social media and website.

“The offer felt like my next step and as if it was meant to be, it ticked off all my interests,” Molly said.

“I was so overwhelmed, it was as if everything fell into place for me.”

Within a week, Molly had her future sorted, which meant no more university applications or open days.

Throughout Molly’s last days working at Tenison, many staff members congratulated her on the new role.

“My English teacher was so excited to hear I was becoming a journalist, she thought the position would suit me exceptionally,” Molly said.

“Growing up in Millicent meant I knew very few people.

“Since moving to Mount Gambier in early 2017, I have expanded my social interactions and continue to do so every day.”

Molly is always busy in her spare time, listening to music, taking photos and has a strong passion for fitness.

“I have my certificate three and four which is always handy to have,” she said.

“Although I’m busy, I always have time for staying active and living a healthy lifestyle.”

One day, Molly has an aspiration and dream of combining all her passions of writing, media, art and fitness.

For now, she plans to focus on her position with The Border Watch Newsgroup and give it her best effort.

“I hope to learn shorthand and elaborate on my communication skills within this career,” she said.

“I look forward to being part of The Border Watch Newsgroup and the opportunities to come in the foreseeable future.”

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