Saints firm favourites

BACK ON COURT: Bo Creek returns to the fold for East Gambier this weekend, but will face a tough challenge against a strong Millicent outfit. Picture: TYLER REDWAY


EAST Gambier will welcome back Bo Creek this weekend when it hosts Millicent, but even the return of the superstar defender will not take away the underdog status.

The bad news for the home side is the Saints will welcome back star goaler Demi Verbena.

While she has not touched a netball in weeks, even a rusty Verbena will add class and scoring power to the Millicent frontline.

The challenge for the Saints now is to decide how that frontline will look, having used Nikeisha Facey and Edie Easterby successfully in the shooting circle.

The good news for Millicent is both Facey and Easterby are so damaging in other roles as well so can have an impact in defence, or in Easterby’s case, the mid court as well.

Portia McRae and Lauren Van Eeden have developed a strong chemistry in the defensive circle and they will need to be at their best to deny the scoring from East’s Malinda Foster and Renee Henke.

The Bulldogs’ duo both embrace the long shot and have been accurate for the majority of the 2024 season.

At the other end, Sharna McKinnon, Creek and Morgan Amy will be tested by the creative delivery from Lillie Paul and Daisy Tunkin, with Lisa Duldig leading the Saints’ mid court whether on the defensive wing or in the middle.

East will put up a fight but Millicent looks too experienced to let this one slip.