Busy weekend for new archers

LEARNING CURVE: New archer Brayden White enjoyed his first indoor archery round and soon finding his arrows zeroing in on the gold coloured centre of the target face. Picture: SUBMITTED

BLUE Lake Archers squeezed in both indoor and outdoor archery rounds over the weekend, which marked the change from autumn to winter.

As the indoor archery championship draws closer, the archers take any opportunity to help new archers prepare to be involved.

Friday night was an introduction to a World Archery indoor round for Justin Dennert and new club member Brayden White.

Paul Freeman and Graham Lock were the two established archers on hand to explain the subtle differences from the Australian Indoor 18-metre that is the most common fixture on Friday nights.

Dennert is nearing the completion of gaining his handicap rating, while White opened his training account with his first scored round.

Freeman was effectively out to beat his own best score after Lock retired just after mid-round.

Freeman produced a solid second half that fell just two points off his personal best to take the win.

A cool Sunday afternoon stayed dry for the first outdoor round of winter.

A pair of 90-arrow rounds were selected off the list – a triple-distance World Archery 60/900 and a single-distance Geelong.

Dennert and White are new to the sport and still on a learning curve and both achieved a series of All Gold ends during the Geelong round to prove that they will be forces to be reckoned with in the near future.

Allan Oschar blitzed the results at the front of the field, completing the day as the only archer above the benchmark of 900 points in the adjusted scores.  

Ben Kilsby spoilt the Oschar family party by pipping Callum Oschar by two points to claim the runner-up slot.

Indoor archery continues at the Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park, Friday at 7pm, followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park from 12.30pm on Sunday.


WA 18, handicap scored, benchmark 600 points: Paul Freeman 595 (off the bow 550, score rating 87); Brayden White 480 (no handicap rating); Justin Dennert 457 (no handicap rating); Graham Lock 360 (retired).

Outdoor rounds, handicap scored benchmark 900 points: Allan Oschar, Geelong , 911,(off the bow 775, score rating 50); Ben Kilsby, WA 60/900, 888, (863, score rating 98); Callum Oschar, Geelong, 886 (602, score rating 24); Paul Freeman, WA 60/900, 870 (799, score rating 77); Justin Dennert, Geelong, 833 (no handicap rating); Brayden White, Geelong, 826 (no handicap rating).