Play returns after break for heat

OUTDOOR: : Anthony Cox, Ben Kilsby and Paul Freeman tackle the warm and bright sunny conditions Sunday afternoon. Picture: SUBMITTED

A MIX of unfavourable weather and absences have kept Blue Lake Archers a little more restrained on the archery field than is usual for this time of year.

Of the three most recent events run, there was a trio of different winners.

Outdoors on March 3, Grange and a Geelong rounds were run for those able to make it on the day.

Both rounds comprised 90 scored arrows over a single distance, the Grange at 60 metres and the Geelong at 30.

Anthony Cox held sway in the final adjusted results, with Ben Kilsby filling the runner-up slot a mere five points off the pace.

After the hot long weekend scuttled the planned competitions, contest resumed this week with indoor and outdoor rounds successfully completed.

Friday night indoor combined the two distances that can be used for indoor contests, the common 18-metre range and the less frequently seen 25-metre distance.

Four archers fronted the shooting line for the round, although one was working on match fitness and not scoring.

Kilsby returned to the winner’s list with a dominant performance at both distances.

Graham Lock was the pursuer all night, but could not stay in touch as the night wound down, Kilsby the winner by 10 points in the final wash up.

Sunday was quite warm on the Corriedale Park range, but still attracted a reasonable group, although three of the club’s members enjoyed a day as spectators as the four archers scoring in the two rounds on offer played out the day.

A triple distance World Archery 60/900 was run alongside the single distance Geelong round.

Barebow compound archer Dale Tschirpig poured a big dollop of consistency into his score line to be the only competitor to break the benchmark for the adjusted scores from the recent events.

A tight battle to salvage the runner-up position played out between Cox and Kilsby, Cox gaining a single-point advantage to take the best of the rest title on this occasion.

Indoor archery continues at the Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park, Friday at 7pm, followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park from 12.30pm Sunday.

Outdoor rounds 3/3/24, handicap scored benchmark 900 points: Anthony Cox, Grange, 882 (off the bow 697, score rating 66); Ben Kilsby, Grange 877 (832, score rating 94); Byron Noble, Geelong, 113 (retired).

Australian Indoor combined 25 and 18 metre 15/3/24, handicap scored, benchmark 600 points: Ben Kilsby 594 (off the bow 589, score rating 101); Graham Lock 584 (553, off the bow 80); Paul Freeman 570 (545, score rating 76).

Outdoor rounds 17/3/24, handicap scored benchmark 900 points: Dale Tschirpig, Geelong, 910 (off the bow 774, score rating 49); Anthony Cox, WA 60/900, 885 (745, score rating 66); Ben Kilsby, WA 60/900, 884, WA 60/900, (856, score rating 95); Paul Freeman, WA 60/900, 863 (789, score rating 75).