Benchmarks broken across archery weekend

DUTIES: Sunday afternoon scoring duties for those competing in the Perth round had Ian Harris doing the electronic scoring, Paul Freeman calling the arrow scores while Ben Kilsby checked the arrow calls. Picture: SUBMITTED

THERE were some impressive scores recorded in the weekend’s Blue Lake Archery competitions.

Winning scores above the adjusted score benchmarks were recorded in all three rounds.

At the Malseed Park indoor venue on Friday night, a pair of Australian 18-metre rounds were contested.

The opening round had Anthony Cox back on song as he broke the adjusted score benchmark by 11 points to take out the win by 11 points from Ian Harris.

Backing up for the repeat round the finishing order was tipped on its head when Fiona Allison pulled off a last-to-first turnaround.

Allison found an extra 62 points on her first round effort to finish 22 points above the benchmark.

Harris was Mr Consistent on the night, hanging on to the runner-up position for the second time.

Sunday afternoon those competing in the outdoor round had to contend with a stiff breeze.

Thankfully it was a tail wind for most of the afternoon and had a minimal impact on the scores.

A two speed round was back on the agenda with a pair of 90-arrow events scheduled for the day.

A Perth round of 70, 60 and 50 metres made its return after a long hiatus, with the alternate round a 30-metre Geelong round.

The 70-metre range had the archers successfully sharpening their aim.

Ben Kilsby was the best of those on the Perth round, falling just 10 points shy his best score and recording an impressive score rating of 102.

The overall winner was found among those competing in the Geelong round and Cox was the best of those archers.

Again he scored over the benchmark, this time by nine points to give him the win over Kilsby by five points.

Upcoming events: Indoor round (Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park), Friday, 7pm; Outdoor round (Corriedale Park), Sunday, 12.30pm.


Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 1, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Anthony Cox 311 (268 off-the-bow) 1; Ian Harris 300 (286) 2; Jeff Puckridge 296 (289) 3; Peter Donhardt 289 (262) 4; Paul Freeman 282 (270) 5; Fiona Allison 260 (169) 6.

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 2, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Fiona Allison 322 (231 off-the-bow) 1; Ian Harris 295 (281) 2; Jeff Puckridge 294 (287) 3; Anthony Cox 294 (256) 4.

Outdoor rounds, handicap scored, benchmark 900 points: Anthony Cox , Geelong 909 (850 off-the-bow) 1; Ben Kilsby, Perth 904 (853) 2; Paul Freeman, Perth 897 (793) 3; Ian Harris, Perth 882 (731) 4; Allan Oschar, Geelong 880 (739) 5; Callum Oschar, Geelong 872 (530) 6.