Strong start sets up Saints

13 AND UNDER A: Millicent 13 and Under A premiers, team manager Kimberly Crow (back left), captain Amarlie Thompson, Lola Ferguson, Audrey Galambos, Lucy Crowe, coach Lillie Paul, Lindy Van Eeden (front left), Indiana Coghlan, Scarlett Zalme and Olive Thorne. Pictures: SOPHIE CONLON


IT all came down to a strong start in the 13 and Under A grand final as Millicent worked its way to a six-goal advantage over North Gambier by the first break.

Amarlie Thomson and Indi Coghlan were on song for the Saints, while North struggled to find a way through the defensive efforts of Lola Ferguson and Audrey Galambos.

The Tigers did settle in the second though as defenders Ava Halloran and Amelie Adam started to get their hands to some balls, with mid-court pressure from Mackenzie Harrold and Jenna Baron also ensuring it was a more even contest.

At the main break it was still a six-goal game.

Both sides swung the changes at half time and it was the Saints who came out firing.

Best-on-court Lucy Crowe moved to the defensive end and created plenty of turnover ball, while Thomson and Coghlan were again getting good supply, especially through their connection with hard-working wing attack Olive Thorne.

By the final break it was an 11-goal lead for the Saints and they had no intention of letting it slip.

North coach Rosie Collins shook up her line-up, moving Jenna Baron into goals and Lacey Hunter into the centre, as well as Grace Collins to goal keeper and Adam to the defensive wing.

While it allowed the Tigers to match the saints, they just could not gain any momentum to bridge the gap, going down by 12 goals in the final wash up.