Stunning weather for outdoor activities

WARMING UP: Matthew Delaney and Anthony Cox pictured during the extended practice session before Sunday’s competition which the pair dominated. Picture: SUBMITTED

BLUE lake Archers ran only an outdoor round last weekend, but with near perfect weather, it was not seen as such a big loss.

Sunday afternoon the normal competition took a temporary backseat initially with a coaching and extended practice session run at the normal start time.

After the completion of the coaching session the archers needed a quick event to get in a competition for the day.

A 72 arrow round fitted the requirement and to fulfil the now regular simultaneous rounds, an Archery Australia 30 /720 was set up alongside a BLA 50/720.

The AA 30/720 is a normal round from the list, but the BLA 50/720 was one created by the local club for when a quicker round was required.

The group split across two targets, one set at 30 metres the other at 50 metres and competition was soon underway.

The newest club members shone in the adjusted score events on the day, the experienced archers being relegated to the tail end of the results on this occasion.

Matthew Delaney, Anthony Cox and Fiona Allison all pushed out beyond the benchmark score of 720.

As a result, the software-based handicap system will automatically “clip the wings” of the trio before the next event.

Delaney and Cox continue to progress in the sport and All Gold medals have now been earned by both.

These are awarded when all six arrows in a single end land in the gold coloured centre scoring area.

The final scores had Delaney 51 points over the benchmark and clearing out from the pack to the tune of 33 points from runner-up Cox, who had finished 18 points over the benchmark.

Allison rounded out the podium only six points off Cox’s score and was 12 points over the benchmark

Indoor archery returns to the Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park, Friday at 7pm, followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park from 12.30pm Sunday.

Outdoor round, handicap scored, benchmark 720 points: Matthew Delaney, (BLA 50/720), 771 (off the bow 618); Anthony Cox, (AA 30 720), 738 ( 655); Fiona Allison, (AA 30 720), 732 (525); Jeff Puckridge (BLA 50/720), 713 (666); Tamika Mullan (BLA 50/720), 688 (623).