Whitehead wins second round

PEDAL TO THE METAL: John Whitehead (Pictured) claimed the outright win in the second round of the McPherson Autocross Series. Picture: SUBMITTED.

ROUND 2 of the McPherson Mechanical Autocross Series took place at SEAC Park on Sunday amid challenging driving conditions.

Nearly 40 competitors braved the conditions to take part in the race at the 1.9km circuit.

John Whitehead was the first to take on the track and set a time of 1:51.34.

Dale Cagney was the second driver to start and set an impressive time of 1:50.09 in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Geoff Wilson was the fifth driver to take to the track and set off in his Peugeot 306.

Wilson was the only other driver to finish the first run in under two minutes with a time of 1:59.22 for third spot.

Dion Becker was the fourth-fastest driver in the opening run with a lap time of 2:00.69.

Barry Edwards was the 24th driver to take to the track and put in an impressive lap time of 2:00.96 and claimed the fifth-fastest time.

Whitehead set the fastest time for the second run with a time of 1:57.15 as the rain began to pour.

Cagney was next to take to the track and caught the rain as he left, but managed to keep his car on the track for his 2:02.47 and second spot.

Matt Kirby splashed his way through the puddles for a time of 2:11.56 and 3rd place, just in front of Wilson’s 2:12.34 in 4th.

Becker rounded out the top-five for the second run with a time 2:13.72.

The third run got underway with a light shower which kept the track damp and Whitehead made the most of it to claim top spot again with a rapid lap time of 1:52.68.

He was once again followed closely by Cagney, who set a time of 1:54.01.

Colin Shephard put in an impressive run in the ever-changing conditions to claim third spot with a time of 2:04.03.

Bailey Perryman’s Excel stopped the clock at 2:04.19 to share fourth spot with Edward who recorded the exact same time in his Commodore.

After a short break, racing continued with a drying track and Whitehead’s battle with Cagney continued as Cagney set the fastest time of 1:46.44, followed by Whitehead with 1:48.69 in second place.

Edwards claimed third spot with an impressive run as he set a time of 1:54.16.

He was closely followed by Kirby in fourth and Becker in fifth.

The fifth run was the final run of the day and drivers were treated to dry conditions as they took on the track for the final time.

Cagney and Whitehead both set their fastest times of the day in the final run.

Cagney topped the list with a much-improved time of 1:44.47, ahead of Whitehead on 1:46.68.

Wilson improved his final time by eight seconds, which earnt him third place.

Barry Edwards finished fourth with his time of 1:50.84 to beat Jayden Edwards, who found some grip with his time of 1:51.31.

Whitehead held on to claim the outright win, with his total time of 9:16.54 enough to narrowly defeat Cagney who set an impressive time of 9:17.48.

Wilson had a mixed day, but was strong enough to get claim third with a total time 10:06.12.

Barry Edwards enjoyed a good day at the wheel collected fourth spot with his total of 10:06.87.

Dion Becker finished in fifth place with a total time of 10:09.16.

Class awards:

Class W: John Whitehead

Class WT: Dale Cagney

Class D: Geoff Wilson

Class E: Barry Edwards

Class C: Matt Kirby

Class A: Bailey Perryman

Class B: Michael Cooper

Fastest lap times for Round 2:

4WD – Dale Cagney (1:44.47)

2WD – John Whitehead (1:46.68)