Port Macdonnell hosts triples

WOMEN'S TRIPLES WINNERS: Heather Richards, Judy Grosvenor and Jan Dowdell

PORT MacDonnell Bowling Club held its men’s and women’s Championship Triples in fine but cool conditions last Saturday.

There were seven teams nominated for the men’s competition which was sponsored by All Digital Hearing.

Skipper Kelvin Butler with Paul Weir and John Naismith defeated skipper Bruce Bain with Barrie Schmidt and Daryl Sims 16 to 8.

They then played skipper Danny Gaut with Justin Brown and Joe Pruis to win through to the grand final 25 to 6.

Skipper Donald Forbes with Kevin Osman and Jimmy Williams defeated skipper Terry Seiler with Michael Glynn and Chris Neglin 16 to 14.

They then played skipper Tim Wrightson with Keith Dowdell and Wayne Dowdell in the next round and won 11 to 9.

In the final between the teams of Butler and Forbes, there were only two shots on the last end to decide the winners.

Kelvin, Weir and Naismith finished as the winners against Forbes, Osman and Williams 17 to 15.

With Butler’s team being one up going into the last end, Williams put his first bowl only inches from the kitty and Naismith finished just inches shorter.

Weir put a bowl within a foot of the kitty.

Unfortunately for Forbes his bowl pushed Naismith just inches through and closer for the shot, meaning Butler’s team won the Championship.

There were four teams nominated for the women’s competition which was sponsored by Dollar Curtains and Blinds and Kay Feast.

Skipper Heather Richards with Judy Grosvenor and Jan Dowdell defeated skipper Robyn Burley with Marilyn Sutton and Lorraine Mackereth 13 to 12.

Skipper Elaine Pruis, Lyn Vanderley and Sharon Perryman defeated Jennie Tilley, Carol Schmidt and Nell Lucas 19 to 10.

The final came down to a game between the teams of Heather Richards and Elaine Pruis.

Richards’ side had a fast start but Pruis’ side slowly pegged them back.

In the end it was Richards’ team who managed to secure the win 24 to 16.