Touches keep coming

BLUE WINNERS: Nipper Horne, Derek Bowering, David Turner, Allan Webster.

THERE were plenty of touches last week at Millicent Bowls Club for the latest round of Night Owls competition.

Rhonda Slape (Beanz Team) x3, Tony Wenzel (X Factor) 3, Malcolm McRobert (Maccas) 3, Richard North (Lion Rams) 3, Jayden Williams (Bedford Butterflies) 3, Bob Reilly (Sparkies) 3, Nipper Horne (Awesome Foursome) 3, Ian (Jynx) Johnson (Tant Tigers) 3, Simon Laslett (Lions Roar) 3 and Ralph Domaschez (Lions Roar) 3 all achieved that goal.

In Red division Chris Earl, Scott Lonergan, Terry Lonergan and Bob Reilly defeated the team formerly known as The George team, now called Beatles 27+13.

Others winners were Rovers 27+5, Untouchables 27+6, Mossies 26+5 and Jack Attack 26+3.

In blue division Awesome Foursome (Nipper Horne, Derek Bowering, Dave Turner and Allan Webster) defeated Somery Seniors 27+8.

Other winners were Rotary 27+6, Birdies 27+4, Try Hards 26+7 and Grand Hotel 25+4.

In White division Sunnies (Lindsay Warneke, Mary Bellinger, Barbara Leicester and Bernie Bowman) defeated Scrappers 29+18.

Other winners were Miss Fitts 27+11, The Pups 27+11 and Bedford Butterflies 26+4.