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AVIS CAR AND TRUCK RENTALS 25-TARGET CLUB DOUBLE BARREL CHAMPIONSHIP: C Grade winner Peter Klieve, Overall winner Warren Lindner, B Grade winner Mick Rudd, A Grade winner Kevin Mules.

MOUNT Gambier Gun Club members faced sunny conditions, slight wind gusts and a couple of heavy downpours for its monthly competition on Saturday but this did not deter the shooters to obtain some high scores.

The opening event was the Avis Car and Truck Rentals 25-target Club Double Barrel Championship.

Warren Lindner claimed the Overall title and AA with a top score of 39/39 from Gavin Height 34/35.

Kevin Mules (66/67) won A Grade narrowly from Scott Fleming (65/67), while Mick Rudd (25/25) just edged out Gezeinus Blok (24/25) to win B Grade.

Peter Klieve (26/29) was a narrow winner in C Grade from Janette Densley (25/29).

The Mount Gambier Hotel 30-target Champion of Champions was well shot with a few of the shooters attaining some great scores.

With a top score of 49/50, Height won AA Grade from Jamie Dunn 48/50.

Dale Robertson (45/50) took A Grade from Mules (42/50), Daniel Ashby (47/50) won B Grade from Blok (44/50) and Klieve (36/50) won C Grade from Frank Kentish (33/50).

The Mustart Electrical 30-target Pointscore Championship was the last competition and was again shot enthusiastically.

Steve Chambers was in good form and shot 89/90 to emerge victorious to win AA Grade from Robert Andrews (88/90).

Robertson (87/93) won A Grade from Fleming (83/93), Ashby (84/90) won B Grade from Rudd (79/90), while Densley (81/90) easily won C Grade from Klieve (74/90).

The South East Autotrade Highgun award over the three events was won by Height with an impressive score of 159/165.

The next monthly competition will be held on Saturday December 11.