Anglers delighted with calm weather

THUMPER: Beachport's Riley Haines with a nice salmon.

By Jamie Coates

NICE weather over the weekend was a delight for fishos across the South East.

Calm seas and easing winds made for some great days on the water and plenty of fish were caught, which is great to see.

Offshore anglers found good numbers of fish with nice gummy and school sharks landed.

Gummy shark to about 15kg were boated, while some of the schoolies were over that 20kg mark.

The reef fish were on the chew too.

I have seen some nice snapper, red snapper, blue morwong, flathead and knifejaw just to name a few.

There has been whispers of barrel tuna reappearing off Geelong over the last weekend which has some of our game fishing guys a bit hot and sweaty at the thought of them doing a last run to the west.

We can only hope but we will be sure to keep everyone posted if we do hear of anything.

The surf fishos loved the weekend’s weather from Saturday arvo onwards once that wind dropped out and despite a few spots of rain, conditions were just about spot on for the beaches.

There have been more gummy shark caught this week and just the same as the last few weeks, they have been well spread out.

Fish have come from Piccininni Beach through to Browns Bay, Nene Valley and Canunda National Park.

They are all varying sizes from undersize to around 10kg and everything in between.

The salmon are still in good numbers across the board.

I have seen some crackers over this past week, with some probably nudging that 3kg mark.

There have not been any hot spots for the bigger fish, with most taking big baits destined for something as bit bigger.

Young gun, Riley Haines from Beachport managed some rippers to a couple of kilo over the weekend in his local area and it is awesome to see the kids getting involved.

There have been plenty of “lumpy” size salmon around again this week, from Nene Valley through to Carpenter Rocks, then up again in the Beachport Salmon hole.

They should stick around for a bit longer yet, so get into them.

The whiting fishos have kicked into gear this weekend with some nice fish coming from right across the South East.

The Port MacDonnell breakwater has been producing nice fish, as has Carpenter Rocks.

The boaties have been doing the best at the moment, but once we start getting decent tides again in the evenings, then the land-based guys will really hit their straps.

Those walking the beaches in the early mornings around Cape Douglas have found some nice fish in the first gutter over the last week or so, managing their half a dozen or more in an hour or two session.

I am getting a few reports now from up the Beachport and Southend way too now, so there must be a few starting to turn up in those areas.

If you are up that way, it is definitely worth having a crack.

Squid numbers remained excellent over the weekend in Livingstons Bay – the only secret at the moment seems to be getting out there as early as possible.

Sunrise until about 7am has been the hot bite times so far this year, so if you can, get in nice and early.

There are still squid in the late arvos and on the tide changes, so if you can not get down until later in the day, it is still worth a crack.

There have been some nice garfish caught in there by the boaties over the last week or so, with some anglers managing their bag of fish in only an hour or so.

The size has been great again so now is the time to have a crack.

Waders are doing well in both Livingstons and Cape Douglas on the tide changes and again, the size is nothing to scoff at.

Tommies and mullet have not been too bad in both spots either, so once you have your gar, have a crack for the others.

Drop netters have had a cracking start to the cray season so far.

I know some guys who have managed 6-8 crays for a couple of trips now.

The size has been a good average for most, with fish already to a couple of kilos.

Divers and snorkelers have been in on the action too this past week, with some great lobsters coming in and also some nice abalone.

The Glenelg River is still fishing well for both bait and lure fishos in our South Australian section, with some lovely bream and perch boated.

Cranka crabs are still accounting for their fair share of bream, while deep diving minnows, metal blades and heavy weighted plastics are doing a number on the perch.

The mulloway news in SA has been slow, but the Victorian guys down the estuary are nailing some nice fish trolling live mullet behind the putters.

I have not heard sizes, but when they say they are nice fish, I believe them.

Hopefully a few of those fish make their way upstream and we can have a crack.

Every now and then we hear of an unexpected catch in the river and this week it is a healthy little gummy shark caught by Trav Younghusband in the Dry Creek area.

Trav said there was another hook busted off in the gob of the shark, so they must be tough little buggers.

The forecast for the weekend looks like it is going to be pretty fishable for the most part.

Later this week the sea drops off to next to nothing, so it will be a perfect time to wet a line.

Until next week, safe fishing.