Archers back on the range

OUTDOORS: Blue Lake Archers rolled the dice on the weather when competing in outdoor archery over the weekend. Ben Kilsby, Paul Freeman and Len Bayley prepare to score the first end of the afternoon.

BLUE Lake Archers were quick to seize the unexpected opportunity to run weekend competitions as normal after the welcome easing of Covid-19 restrictions Friday.

The indoor event for Friday night was reinstated in time to get some of the local archers involved.

The club favourite of a pair of Australian indoor 18-metre rounds was run.

Peter Donhardt took to the range with gusto, with a new personal-best in the first round followed up with another in the second.

Try as they might the remaining archers were never going to catch Donhardt due to his still evolving handicap rating.

Ben Kilsby put in his usual dominant off-the-bow score, his round two score only one point off picking up another maximum 300-point result.

Donhardt cruised to a pair of wins easily above the benchmark, in the first round leading home Graham Lock by 32 points.

The second round was a lesser margin of 17 points between Donhardt and second place.

A count-back was required to decide runner-up as Lock and Kilsby had both carded adjusted scores of 300.

Kilsby claimed the honour.

The run of weather-related rescheduling of outdoor events to the indoor venue came to an end Sunday.

The club rolled the dice on the afternoon weather and set the short “Soggy Sunday” outdoor round as the event for the afternoon.

It was the club’s first scored outdoor event for some time.

With just 60 arrows on the 122cm target face from a distance of 50 metres it should have been quick to complete, but the recent lack of outdoor rounds had the group in an extended practice session chasing sight settings.

Five archers competed in the round, a tail wind a little kinder on the aiming than breezes that cut across the range.

Kilsby made the conditions look easy, landing a perfect 60 point end in the dying stages of the event.

The group made it through to the last end of the day before a heavy but brief shower hit the group.

Finalising the scores once the skies had cleared showed another tie, this time it for the win.

Freeman and Kilsby had both finished on 594 points, with Len Bayley snapping at their heals only one point off the pace.

The tie break system gave the win to Kilsby.

Indoor archery continues at Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park, Friday at 7.30pm followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park 12.30pm Sunday.

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 1, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Peter Donhardt 330 (off the bow 265 PB); Graham Lock 298 (286); Ben Kilsby 297 (296).

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 2, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Peter Donhardt 317 (off the bow 269 PB); Ben Kilsby 300 (299); Graham Lock 300 (288).

Soggy Sunday outdoor round, handicap scored, benchmark 600 points: Ben Kilsby 594 (off the bow 577); Paul Freeman 594 (549); Len Bayley 593 (466); Graham Lock 582 (543); Peter Donhardt 467 (off the bow only).