Pienudomkijlert calls shots

The Commercial Hotel 25 tgt Club Balltrap Championship Surasak (Skye) Pienudomkijlert, Mick Rudd, Don Pratt.

The Mount Gambier Gun Club held its monthly competition on Saturday under generally favourable weather conditions – interrupted by some wind gusts and light rain.

The opening event was The Commercial Hotel 25-target Club Balltrap Championship.

A favourite of the competitors, as the targets are faster and thrown at greater angles, it was enthusiastically shot.

Tom Jenkins won the competition with a score of 36/37 to claim the overall honours.

Don Pratt 24/27 won A from Darren Beyer 23/27.

Surasak Pienudomkijlert 24/25 won B from Andrew Jenkins 24/27 and Mick Rudd 23/25 edged out Scott Fleming 21/25 to win C.

The Spot On Fishing and Tackle 25-target Double Barrel Championship was well shot, with a few of the shooters attaining perfect scores resulting in shoot offs.

With a top score of 55/55, Pienudomkijlert won AA after a shoot off against Dougal Simson 54/55.

Darren Murrell 26/27 edged out Peter Winser 25/27 to win A.

Brian Case 24/25 won a close battle for B from Rodney Gilcrist 23/25, and Peter Klieve 20/25 won C from Frank Kentish 18/25.

The Green Triangle Livestock event of 25 pair Double Rise was the last competition.

Being a rather difficult event it was shot well in the failing light conditions.

Pienudomkijlert 43/50 won AA from Beyer 41/50, Pratt 57/70 outshot Steve Chambers 54/70 to win A.

Max Medhurst 43/50 won B from Winser 37/50 and Brian Case 39/50 edged out Robert Atkinson 35/50.

The South East Autotrade Highgun award over the three events was successfully won by Pienudomkijlert with a score of 92/100.

The next monthly competition will be held on Saturday, September 11.