Top shooting as light fails


THE Mount Gambier Gun Club held its monthly competition on Saturday in Sunny and favourable conditions.

The opening event was the DiGiorgio Wines 25-target District Double Barrel Championship, which attracted some of the fine shots from around the district to show their shooting expertise.

Brian Spring emerged victorious after a shoot-off with a score of 67/67 to claim the overall honours and AA grade from Max Medhurst (66/67).

Peter Winser (25/25) won A grade from Andrew Ryan (24/25), Brian Case (25/26) just edged out Robert Marcato to win B grade and after a shoot-off, Ryan Barraclough (40/42) won C grade from Hamish Keatley (39/42).

The Atkin Family 40 mixed targets Championship tried out the shooters expertise, but was well shot, with Barry Sims (69/72) winning AA from Medhurst (68/72).

Winser (56/60) won A from Dale Robertson (49/60), Robert Marcato (74/84) needed a shoot-off to edge out Mick Rudd (72/84) in B and Keatley (57/60) won C from Barraclough (55/60).

The Peter and Mary Winser 25 pair Double Rise Championship was the final event and was keenly shot in failing light conditions.

With a top score of 43/50, Surasak Pienudomkijlert won overall and AA from Spring (35/50).

Steve Chambers (37/50) claimed A from Darren Murrell (32/50), Andrew Hoare (37/50) just edged out Scott Fleming (36/50) to win B and Dale Robertson (34/50) won C from Brian Case (32/50).

The South East Autotrade Highgun award went to Pienudomkijlert with a score of 125/135.

The next monthly competition will be held on July 10, with the AGM to be held after the competition.