Bird attack destroys turf wicket

GUILTY: Destructive corellas take flight at Blue Lake Sports Park baseball facility after making short work of the turf wicket, then moving on to their next meal. Pictures: TREVOR JACKSON

By Trevor Jackson

THE Hoggies Wines Barber Shield cricket season may have has lost minimal play due to weather but nature has still played its hand.

The turf wicket at Blue Lake Sports Park is now out of action for at least the remainder of January due to a bird attack.

Corellas have destroyed the wicket, ripping chunks out of the surface to render it unplayable.

Mount Gambier and District cricket president George Kidman was understandably disappointed and said the association curator was quite upset about it.

However, he acknowledged there was little which could be done.

He also noted some other venues had taken a novel approach to the situation, with roughly fashioned “scarecrows” in place at Malseed Park in an attempt to keep the birds away from the hallowed turf.

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