Dominant effort from Simson

GAMBIER HOTEL CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: Scott Fleming (B division), Dougal Simson (AA), Andrew Ryan (A).

WITH an enthusiastic effort and superb accuracy Dougal Simson dominated the three events at the Mount Gambier Gun Club to win all and claim the high gun honour.

It was Simson’s first shoot at the club for some time, with the COVID-19 restrictions previously preventing him from crossing the border into South Australia.

But the absence did not affect his accuracy, as he finished the day with an impressive total of 163/165 to claim the top honours.

The Auis Car-Truck Rentals Club 25-target double barrel championship was first up in fine shooting conditions.

Simson won the overall and AA honours with a score of 47/47 to edge out Andrew Hoare with 46/47.

Greg Grant claimed A division with 37/38 from Brian Spring with 36/38, while Scott Fleming shot 28/29 to win B division from Daniel Ashby with 27/29.

in C division Peter Klieve shot 35/37 to claim the win from Rob Marcato with 34/37.

The Gambier Hotel 30-target champion of champions was shot keenly, with Simson claiming the AA honours with 49/50, ahead of Max Medhurst with 48/50.

Andrew Ryan (49/50) claimed the A division honours from Dale Robertson (47/50), while Fleming (45/50) won B division from Stuart Bowd (44/50).

In C division Andrew McKinnon shot 45/50 to claim the win from Mick Rudd with 41/50.

The Di Giorgio Family Wines 30-target pointscore championship was again shot with high accuracy and again it was Samson who claimed the honours.

His 89/90 was enough for the AA win ahead of Stephen Chambers with 87/90.

Ryan won A division by a reasonable margin, with 86/90, ahead of Robertson (81/90).

Ashby (88/90) won B division from Gerald Bourchier (87/94), while Declan Wright just claimed C division with 88/90 ahead of Ben Kentish with 81/90.

Samson was a convincing winner of the South East Autotrade high gun award with his total of 163/165 far too strong.

The next competition for the club will be the Christmas shoot on December 12 followed by a barbecue for all members.