Action aplenty off Port MacDonnell

EVENTFUL DAY: Sandrine had an eventful day of competition at the port MacDonnell Sailing Club, with a win in the first race, followed by another victory which is subject to a protest after a collision at the start.

SATURDAY provided plenty of action at the Port MacDonnell Sailing Club, with the biggest fleet of the season on the water.

A sausage-shaped course was set with all boats ready for the 1pm start but in their eagerness some skippers crossed the line and a restart was ordered.

In the end it was a picture-perfect start with all boats lined up as the starting horn sounded.

Sandrine skipper and crew pulled out ahead and rounded the first buoy with Farr-Mer close behind.

Both crews showed there sailing skills in their first race of the season.

Sandrine, Farr-Mer and Freycinet filled the top three places in the opening race.

The second race saw a collision at the start between Sandrine and Freycinet but with no crew or skippers injured both continued on.

Sandrine, Farr-Mer and Harmony crossed the line in order but a protest was launched, with the outcome waiting on penalties pending from Australia Sailing.

Unfortunately, as with all other sports, COVID-19 restrictions will see the season put on hold for two weeks at this stage.