Archers not sidelined by pandemic

STRAIGHT SHOOTER: Kallen Clare competed in the Archery Australia national Back to Archery tournament event on Sunday, his score was a personal best included his first ever all-gold end which he achieved at 40 metres.

THE Blue Lake Archers continue to progress in the post-covid shutdown sporting world, with the flexibility of the club’s indoor venue a great asset in the volatile spring weather.

Several Sunday outdoor events were changed to indoor events due to the inclement weather, which worked well over the long weekend when two visiting archers from Adelaide joined in the activities.

The club also hosted a state indoor championship in late August which resulted in several medals to the local archers.

An initiative of Archery Australia has been to organise a national Back to Archery tournament run by individual clubs and the results pooled using the online Archers Diary. The tournament has been embraced by the BLA, with the format the best two scores from six events run on nominated dates from September to December.

Uniquely the format allows both off-the-bow and handicap results to be awarded, a first for a national event.

The event is split into divisions for age, gender and bow type.  

On Sunday the club ran its second event aligned to the BTA tournament.

New members have risen rapidly with their skill and achievement levels and the three members of the Clare family regularly produce personal bests, all-gold ends and handicap score wins.

The latest easing of cross border communities has allowed Len Bayley to return to compete in his first round since March.

Recent club results

Australian 25 metre indoor Round 1 (handicap scored): Kallan Clare 306 (off the bow 239); Ben Kilsby 301 (298); Clayton Clare 300 (282); Paul Freeman. 297 (283); Jake Clare 289 (260).

Australian 25 metre indoor Round 2 (handicap scored): Kallan Clare 307 (242 PB); Clayton Clare 300 (282 =PB); Ben Kilsby 299 (296); Jake Clare 290 (261 PB); Paul Freeman 287 (273).

National Back to Archery Tournament, week two (off the bow scores, handicap score in brackets).

WA 60/900: Open Male Compound – Ben Kilsby 864 (890); Master male compound – Paul Freeman 811 (903); Veteran Male compound – Graham Lock 827 (895), Ian Harris 714 (806); Veteran + male compound – Len Bayley 689 (875).

Short Canberra: Intermediate male compound – Kallan Clare 770 PB (no hcp).