Soccer stars embark on international journey

A Mulga Street Principal Mardi Mcclintock, Ethan Mccorie And Past President Of Rotary Club Of Mount Gambier West Libby Furner Dsc 4511  TBW Newsgroup

A Mulga Street Principal Mardi Mcclintock, Ethan Mccorie And Past President Of Rotary Club Of Mount Gambier West Libby Furner Dsc 4511 TBW Newsgroup
ONE OF MANY: Mulga Street Primary School principal Mardi McClintock joins 12-year-old soccer talent Ethan McCrorie as he is presented with a cheque from past president of Rotary Club of Mount Gambier West Libby Furner to assist him on his Singa Cup journey. Picture: JAMES MURPHY

THERE will be plenty of interest from the Limestone Coast soccer fraternity at the 2019 Singa Cup in Singapore next month.

A total of 20 South East juniors will represent Football Federation South Australia (FFSA) at this year’s event, which stands as Asia’s premier international youth football tournament.

The representation is not limited to players, with International Soccer Club’s Nick Morony also set to coach the boy’s Under 12 side.

He was asked to coach the FFSA team in the Ultimate Fiji Cup last year, but was unable to make the trip due to prior commitments.

“I could not go because I was a bit busy getting married,” Morony said.

However, he was approached again at the start of the year to coach the Singapore team and has been working with his squad during school holiday camps to cut it down to the final side.

Morony said the latest holiday session was one last training with the final team, which had been decided at the previous camp.

“I am happy with how it has turned out,” he said.

“I have a good little team and a few good little players from “the Mount” and the Limestone Coast (Football Association) league in general.”

Morony has been involved in representative coaching for several years, coaching at the State Identification Program (SIP) for the past three years.

“I just did my coaching courses as normal and then got asked to coach the country zone teams at the SIP competition as well,” he said.

“Before the SIP I had coached the Limestone Coast (representative) team all the way through from Under 11’s to Under 16’s.

“I have done SIP for three years, but I did not do it this year because I was coaching the Singapore team.”

Morony’s Under 12 team will see Limestone Coast players Fergus Kentish, Freddie Muller, Kade Turnbull, George Reichelt, Ethan McCrorie and Nico Teodoro represent South Australia at the Singa Cup.

McCrorie recently received a cheque from the Rotary Club of Mount Gambier to assist him in his overseas journey.

In the Under 14 side, Zac Sneddon, Seth Michielan, Mitchell Cornolo and Mojtaba Ali fly the Limestone Coast flag, while Austin Rossi and Aaryan Ghimire will gear up in the Under 16’s.

The South East Women’s Football Association also has a strong representation, with eight girls making the trip.

Ella Doody and Chelsea Frost join Kate and Ellie Seaton in the Under 14 FFSA team, while Lana Shepherd, Emma Lang, Olivia Gwilym and Leah McDonnell are part of the Under 15 squad.

Players and coaches alike fly out next weekend, with the carnival to be run over the first week of November.