Saints march to victory

STRETCH: Millicent's Kelsey Batt and South Gambier's Kaylene Nuske reach for a mark during their teams' clash at McDonald Park on Sunday. Picture: JAMES MURPHY

STRETCH: Millicent’s Kelsey Batt and South Gambier’s Kaylene Nuske reach for a mark during their teams’ clash at McDonald Park on Sunday.

ALL eyes were on McDonald Park on Sunday for round four of the Limestone Coast Women’s Football League in warm conditions.

In the end just one game was a close affair, with the anticipated clash between ladder leaders South Gambier and Millicent not disappointing.

The Demons were on the back foot early, but fought back in the second half to go down by 10 points.

The next closest match saw Mundulla defeat West Gambier/Port MacDonnell by 51 points, with large margins again the theme of the round.

Penola bounced back from consecutive losses to claim a solid 52-point victory over an understaffed North Gambier, while the opener of the day saw Kalangadoo account for Casterton Sandford by 68.

The biggest win was saved until last, when reigning premier Kybybolite left East Gambier scoreless, while banging through 95 points of its own.

MILLICENT 4.5 (29) d SOUTH GAMBIER 3.1 (19)

A CLOSE contest was had between South Gambier and Millicent in the match-of-the-round.

The Saints fired from the start and scored 2.1 before the first change, while the Demons were left scoreless and with plenty of work to do.

They hit the board in the second term with a major and minor score, but Millicent held them at bay with another goal and two behinds.

It was not until the third term South was able to break through, holding the Saints to one-point, while adding two majors to its total.

That saw three points the difference heading into the final stanza.

The intensity was high and players were frantic to score, with the next goal likely to seal the deal.

And that was indeed the case, as Millicent kicked its fourth major and held the Demons scoreless to claim the win and solidify its position on top of the competition’s ladder.

With a win to Kybybolite, South has now dropped to third.

Millicent’s Kristie Rowe continued her consistent form in front of goals to top score with three, while Ella Little also found the big sticks.

However, it was Tanaya Redman who was named the Saints’ best, while Kelsie Wilkinson, Madi Thwaites, Sarah Fabris and Tracey Long also performed.

For South it was Jasmine White who received the best-on-ground honours, while Kendell Saffin was again a stand out, with two goals to show for her efforts.

Toneya Carraill also found the middle of the posts, while Victoria Lucas, Lauren Frost and Kaylene Nuske were among the best players.


SUNDAY’S opening game saw Kalangadoo waste no time establishing a lead as it faced Casterton Sandford, with a handy 19-point lead by the first change.

It was not until the second term the Cats were able to score, with a goal to Janine Parsons, but that would be their only impact on the scoreboard for the match.

The Magpies added two majors to their total by half time, before a big five-goal third quarter saw a 60-point lead reached.

From there the game was already won, despite a quieter final term, which saw Kalangadoo add a goal and two behinds.

Alyssa Boylan backed up her solid performance from the previous round with four goals and a mention in the best players, while Bianca Thorn also impressed with three majors.

Nicole Reeves was named second best and found the big sticks on two occasions, while Narelle Ryan also bagged two.

However, it was the efforts of Brittany Scholz which impressed most and she earned the best-on-ground title for the match.

For the Cats, Erin Munro was again in form to be named best for her team, while Scarlett Jarrad, Prue Harvey, Madison Mutch and Georgia McPeake also played well despite the loss.

PENOLA 10.11 (71) d NORTH GAMBIER 3.1 (19)

PENOLA regained some confidence on Sunday, when it faced an understaffed North Gambier outfit.

In order for the Tigers to field a team, the Eagles had to lend their opposition players each quarter, which saw some interesting encounters between Penola teammates.

A close opening quarter saw just two points the difference heading into the first change.

However, the Eagles spread their wings in the second term and banged through an unanswered five majors and three minors to establish a 35-point lead by the long break.

North hit the board again in the third term, but only managed a goal and a behind, while Penola scored 3.1 to extend its lead.

Another goal was added by the Tigers in the final stanza, but the damage had been done and with a major and five minors to Penola, the Eagles secured a comfortable second win in their debut season.

Shandeen Balshaw led the way on the scoreboard with three goals to her name, while Kerry Dent, Nicole Davidson and Angela Broad bagged two each.

Also among the best were Karmel Finch, Meagan Petzke and Samantha Freeman.

For North Piper Killick was named best, with her goal the only major for the side, while Sam Scott and Fiona Young also played well.


WEST Gambier/Port MacDonnell doubled its total for the season when it faced Mundulla on Sunday, with a 21-point game the best result for the side to date.

However, it was far from enough to claim the win, as Mundulla cruised to an easy victory.

By half time the margin was 46 points, with only a minor score to the Roos.

To its credit, West/Port held its opponent scoreless in the third term, while adding two goals and two behinds to its total, but it was not enough.

Another major in the fourth quarter raised spirits, but with an eventual 10-goal haul from Mundulla, it claimed its third win for the year.

Emily Moxon top scored with three majors, while it was Emma Moritz who received the best-on-ground honours.

Keyarnah Smith, Ebony Lawson and Kristeen Ashford scored a goal each for the Roos, while Lawson was named as best.

KYBYBOLITE 14.11 (95) d EAST GAMBIER 0.0 (0)

THE final game of the round was expected to be a good match-up, but the reality saw it the biggest win of the day.

Reigning premier Kybybolite left no prisoners on the field as it stormed its way to a convincing 96-point triumph, while holding East Gambier scoreless for the full four quarters.

At half time the margin was 45 points, with the 2018 champions not holding back to double that result in the second half.

Mardi Riley and Hayley Sellars scored three majors each, while Susannah Maber bagged two and earned the best-on-ground honours in Kybybolite’s dominant display of football.

For East it was Sara Smith who was named as best, on a day the Bulldogs would rather forget.