Shooters contest festive event at Lake Bonney

AA GRADE: AA Grade third-place getter Chris Wright, winner Malcolm Whitehead and runner-up Jeremy Kent.

LAKE Bonney Sporting Clays’ December event saw a field of 71 shooters compete in a 60-target novelty Christmas event.

With the course set differently, the shoot was contested in the English Sporting Pairs format.

The weather conditions were warm and a northerly wind making few clays change directions unexpectedly.

Most shooters had an enjoyable day and enjoyed a roast dinner and chilled refreshments afterwards, with some competitors donning Christmas attire for the day.

Husband and wife duo Danny and Tasha Bellinger shot well for the day and had plenty of reason to be jolly.

Danny claimed the high gun honours at the end of the event, just two targets clear of a perfect score for the best result on the day.

Tasha also tasted victory, as she won the women’s competition convincingly with a score of 55, 18 shots clear of second-placed Meagan Whitehead.

Bec Kober rounded out the women’s podium in third.

In AA Grade Malcom Whitehead shot well to score 56 to win the class, just one shot clear of Jeremy Kent and Chris Wright.

Mick Brennan took out the A Grade win by two targets, with his score of 53 enough to account for runner-up Matthew Jones and third-placed Mick Banning claiming third.

The B Grade competition was won by Jon Prance with 51 over vice president Cliff Lee and Perry Gurney, while the C Grade honours went to committee member Reg Hamilton, who shot 43 to finish one clear of Michael Gates.

Fellow committee member Trevor Whitehead rounded out the C Grade podium.

In the Veterans the two Wayne’s competed for the top prize, but it was committee member Wayne Gurney who claimed first with 51, while Chris Vonstanke came in second and Wayne Evans settled for third place.

The Super Veterans class won won by Gary Dangerfield with a score of 48.

The two Peter’s competed for second and third, with Peter Caskey claiming the runner-up spot over Peter Klieve.

In Sub Juniors Shak Vonstanke took out first place, followed by Carter Rossouw in second and Declan Wright in third.

Lake Bonney Sporting Clays wishes everyone a merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year and looks forward to another great year of shooting in 2019.


High gun: Danny Bellinger 58; AA Grade: Malcom Whitehead 56, Jeremy Kent 55, Chris Wright 55; A Grade: Mick Brennan 53, Matthew Jones 51, Mick Banning 51; B Grade: Jon Prance 51, Cliff Lee 48, Perry Gurney 47; C Grade: Reg Hamilton 43, Michael Gates 42, Trevor Whitehead 39; Veterans: Wayne Gurney 51, Chris VonStanke 49, Wayne Evans 48; Super Veterans: Gary Dangerfield 48, Peter Caskey 47, Peter Klieve 47; Women: Tasha Bellinger 55, Meagan Whitehead 37, Bec Kober 35; Sub Juniors: Shak Vonstanke 40, Carter Rossouw 38, Declan Wright 35.