Softball: Demons dealt crushing blow

ACCURATE DELIVERY: Wanderers’ Cathy Whiting worked hard on the mound to assist in her sides big win over Concordes on Saturday. Picture: ASHLEY EARL

Warriors 11 d Demons 1

WARRIORS had all the answers when it played Demons in the recent round of Mount Gambier softball.

Warriors started strong with some impressive batting from youngsters Taylor Pearson and Maddy Hann.

However, not to be outdone Demons’ Alana Livingston was pitching well on the mound and she was well backed by Cody Manning in the field.

Demons kept in the game early, but some strong pitching from Leyna Bruggermann and a solid fielding effort by the whole team, Warriors was able to hold Demons to just one run and as a result take a comfortable win over the young side.

Wandrers 18 d Concordes White 5

A SOLID start from Wanderers left Concordes White behind early in the game on the weekend.

Cathy Whiting managed a nice hit to left field, which was followed by a triple from Fiona Finch and Wanderers was well on its way to the win.

Wanderers continued to bat well and scored five runs in the first innings.

Concordes came out strong with Sam Brown hitting to centrefield and Mel Brody placing the ball well to get into scoring position.

However, Wanderers stopped Concordes from scoring, getting the required three outs before it was able to score.

Wanderers continued to dominate the game by picking the walks and placing the hits allowing the whole team to bat each innings.

As a result Wanderers finished the game with a convincing win.


Wanderers 18 d Concordes White 5. Safehits – Wanderers: J. Hart, F. Finch 2, C. Whiting, E. Facey, T. Tzioutziouklaris, K. Carr 1; Concordes White: S. Brown 2, M. Sutherland, M. Brody, D. Jones, E. Carr 1.

Warriors 11 D Demons 1. Safehits – Warriors: M. Hann 2, T. Pearson, K. Telford, L. Bruggemann, C. Hanson 1. Demons: S. Nieuwenhuizen 2, M. McDonnell, B. Morale 1.