Miniroos hit the road

KEEN COMPETITOR: Millicent youngster Tait Grgetic will be eager to play on his home ground this Sunday as the Limestone Coast Football Association Miniroos make the trip for this season’s Regional Round.

THIS Sunday will see a change of scenery for the Limestone Coast Football Association Miniroos, as 250 youngsters make their way to Millicent for this season’s Regional Round.

With the Millicent-based Miniroos making the trip to Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake Sports Park every week to participate in the program, head coordinator Simon Livingstone sees the Regional Round as a good opportunity for the players to compete at their home venue.

“We have 12 rounds we play for our Miniroos competition for the year and one round we go to Millicent,” he said.

“Millicent play every week in Mount Gambier, so we always think it is appropriate that we go and play a round in Millicent.

“I think for the Millicent kids it is great to play in front of your home crowd.

“A lot of grandmas and grandpas that probably don’t come to the Mount will be coming out on Sunday to watch the kids play.

“And that’s what we are all after.”

The competition consists of Under 6, Under 8 and Under 10 age groups and Millicent has around 30 players, with representatives spread over the two younger grades.

Livingstone said the Regional Round is always a popular event on the Miniroos’ calendar and he expects it to attract a good turnout again this year.

“We always get good numbers at the regional round,” he said.

“We have about 15 teams and all the Mount based clubs as well will be going.

“Aside from Millicent we have the Blue Lake Rangers, International, Centrals and Apollo.

“I think all of the kids are looking forward to playing somewhere else.”

With the Miniroos competition increasing in popularity every year, Sunday will give Millicent a chance to host the growing numbers of the program.

“This will be the first time Millicent has ever had 250 kids play there,” Livingstone said.

“They do it pretty tough in Millicent because of all the other sporting clubs that are there, so they really put an emphasis on their juniors and their women’s soccer.

“They travel every week and put a lot of effort in.

“They are a real community-based club.”

With games to commence from 10am until around 1pm, Livingstone said the main focus of the event will be for the kids to enjoy the day and get the most out of the friendly competition.

“In Miniroos we concentrate on participation and fun,” he said.

“Even though we keep scores of the games, we don’t have a league ladder or anything like that.

“Its all about participation and trying to acquire the skills along the way.

“Because it’s such a broad spectrum of ages as well, we have a lot of kids that probably haven’t played any sport before coming into Miniroos.

“Every year has gotten bigger and better and this year is up on the previous year, so that’s what we want.”