Skeer brings pace

ON THE PACE: Furner’s Dallas Skeer showed his pace in Round 2 of the Cafnix Superbike Series. Picture: DAMIR8.COM

DALLAS Skeer had five top three finishes in Round 2 of the Cafnix Superbike Series held in Adelaide recently.

The young rider chose to race the NSF250R Moto3 as it has more down low power and makes it easier to stick with the 650cc twins.

Skeer and his team took part in practice to come to grips with the track and ensure the bike was at its top performance.

Competing against bikes with more power, Skeer had to work overtime in the corners to keep up with the group.

First up was the first qualifying for juniors, but Skeer only had to do a few laps to get pole as there was just one other rider on a 150.

“I treated this as a warm up for the limited qualifying where I knew I would have to push hard if I wanted to finish ahead of the bigger bikes,” Skeer said.

“In the first qualifying I didn’t push super hard because we had two qualifying’s for each class.

“I ended having a little bit of a go but I thought I would wait until the last one to push hard.

“In the last qualifying I went out and pushed for about six laps then had a rest lap and did one final lap where I put in my all and that lap was able to give me pole by 0.200 over a Kawasaki 650.”

In race one for the juniors Skeer had the track to himself and did not need to push hard to keep the lead.

He lapped the 150 rider on lap four of a six-lap race.

The bigger 650cc bikes passed Skeer off the line in the six lap limited race, but he soon moved from fifth up into fourth on turn one.

He then passed a Ducati 696 coming out of turn two and catching right onto the back of the two leading bikes.

“As we went down the back straight they pulled about two seconds on me, but I soon was right with them at turn five when I caught them under brakes,” he said.

“They pulled away again out of turn six, but I caught them coming into the final few corners.

“I was able to stay with them until we got to the back straight where they pulled on me heaps as I ran wide coming onto the straight.

“I was slowly catching second every lap, but was unable to make a pass and ended up finishing third for race one.”

Coming into the second junior race Skeer had confidence and did not push hard due to the small break before the limited class.

Skeer fell back to fifth again off the line, but on the last corner of lap one he moved up to third.

After a duel with a Ducati 696, Skeer eventually finished second overall.

Limited was the second race after lunch and off the line Skeer fell back to fifth and got held up by a slower rider who managed a better start.

However, he was able to get by in turn three to move into fourth.

Skeer had to push to catch the next rider, passing him on the second lap as quickly as possible in hope to catch the front two.

However, he struggled to catch the rider in second place as he pulled a two-second gap on the straight every time.

On the last lap Skeer was able to catch the second-placed rider but was unable to overtake despite a brave last corner attempt.