MSE Round 7 netball review

UNDER PRESSURE: Kalangadoo’s Abbey Duncan makes herself available in the goal circle despite defensive pressure from Port MacDonnell’s Megan Hein in Round 7 of Mid South East netball, which saw the Magpies take a solid victory. Picture: ASHLEY EARL

HATHERLEIGH continue its undefeated status with a nail-biting seven-goal victory over Glencoe in Round 7 of Mid South East netball on Saturday.

The Murphies started well with both Ebony McDiarmid and Chantelle making the most of their opportunities in the goal circle.

On the other hand, the Eagles were struggling to convert.

But with Hatherleigh’s defensive unit working overtime to minimise Glencoe’s chances at scoring, the Eagles took a one-goal lead at the first break.

The second term played out much like the first, with Hatherleigh having more of the play, but struggled with accuracy.

The Eagles’ defensive trio of Annabel Brooks, Helen Hamilton and Maddie Redman made the Murphies earn every pass.

However, the same deficit remained at the main break.

Hatherleigh made changes, moving Kelsey Wight into the goal circle and brought Lara MacGregor on at wing attack.

Glencoe also made adjustments to its line-up, swapping Lisa McKay and Alyce Finnis at wing attack and centre.

Keston Green’s accuracy improved in the goal circle, but the Eagles still struggled to shake the Murphies.

Hatherleigh held a three-goal lead heading into the final break.

The Eagles brought Melissa McGrath back on at wing attack and hoped to run away with the match.

However, each time Hatherleigh would attempt to extend on its lead, Glencoe would peg back.

It was an arm-wrestle of a game, but in the end the Eagles were able to hold on a claim the points.

Best players for Hatherleigh went to Brooks and Redman, while Glencoe’s stand outs were McDiarmid and Caitlin Liebich.


Kongorong 78 d Nangwarry 55

KONGORONG came out firing from the first whistle and planned to take control of its clash with Nangwarry early.

However, the match did not go all the Hawks’ way from the start as the Saints matched Kongorong in the opening quarter.

The Hawks managed a lead of just one goal at the first break and had determination to step up.

And that they did.

Kongorong dominated the second term and managed a number of turnovers to have a 10-goal lead at the long break.

Nangwarry made some changes in attempt to stop Kongorong’s court flow.

However, the Hawks stuck to their game-plan and extended their lead to 16.

In the final term the tough weather conditions came into play as both sides settled to play a slower form of netball.

Kongorong applied tough defensive pressure and adjusted to the wet weather conditions well, which saw it take a strong 23-goal win.


Mount Burr 66 d Robe 53

MOUNT Burr made its way to the winners list with a 13-goal victory over a struggling Robe outfit.

It was a closely contested match from the first whistle, but in the end the Mozzies were able to claim the upper-hand.

Robe’s Felicity Carter and Mount Burr’s Ebony Clark were both shooting with accuracy and making the most of each opportunity.

Hayley Agnew was also working hard in the goal circle for the Mozzies, while Sophie Wallis was a leading force at goal keeper.

Not to be outdone the Roosters’ Indi Deane also managed some timely intercepts and at the first break the scores were level at 16-all.

Mount Burr’s defence was dominating in the opening few minutes, but attack failed to make to most of their opportunities.

On the other hand, Robe capitalised on the missed shots and scored through Carter at goal shooter.

Mount Burr seemed to have more of the ball, but the Roosters cherished possession as Kim Ross and Jordie Alexander fed well to Carter, allowing the Roosters to be up by a goal at the main break.

Entering the third quarter the Mozzies had determination to bounced back.

And despite this being difficult with Carter shooting at 100pc, Agnew and Clark combined well to limit any shooting errors for Mount Burr.

As a result the Mozzies managed a three-goal lead at quarter time.

In the final stanza Robe put Camille Tucker back into wing attack in attempt to create more drive in attack.

Kim Ross at centre and Tucker continued worked hard to give opportunities to their goalies, but Mount Burr’s defensive pressure was disallowing the Roosters to play free-flow netball.

Clark became a focal point in the circle, shooting 16 goals for the quarter and despite the Roosters working hard to score with Felicity Carter and Demi Carter both shooting accurately, the Mozzies were too strong.


Kalangadoo 76 d Port MacDonnell 43

KALANGADOO stamped its authority on the competition with a big 33-point victory over Port MacDonnell at the Bay.

The Demons struggled in its attacking third with reliable goal shooter Kahli Rolton missing from the line-up.

Her presence in the goal ring was missed as the home side found it difficult to create space due to the tight-checking Magpie defence.

Kalangadoo had more of the ball and forced Port MacDonnell to make errors from the start and the visitor’s took a 13 goal lead at the first break.

The Demons made a change at the first break, bringing on youngster Darcie Kuhl.

Port MacDonnell was able to transition the ball and find the right option in its attacking third, but still struggled to keep up with the polished Kalangadoo team.

The Magpies made changes in the third term and as a result their defensive pressure lifted.

Both Abbey Duncan and Melissa Russell were shooting with accuracy for Kalangadoo and as a result the margin was 25 at the final break.

The Magpies continued to lift and play a free-flowing game of netball, which made life difficult for Port MacDonnell.

By the final whistle Kalangadoo had managed a comfortable victory.