Shoppers happy to fork out for lamb

Lamb Prices Photo TBW Newsgroup
WORTH ITS WEIGHT: David Clapham, butcher at Foster’s Foodland, with some of the quality lamb on sale.

QUALITY lamb meat is reaching record prices both at the saleyards and at the local butchers, with many happy customers coming in for a shank or a roast.

Foster’s Foodland butcher David Clapham has reported the quality of the meat is the


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And which shoppers would these be exactly?
I havent found anyone I know happy about being ripped off for meat to subsidise cheap meat for the export market.
This is just marketting spin.
Meat, Gas, Wheat; Timber, Like everything else Australia produces, is just a rip off to make Corporations richer at our expense.
Australians are the muppets being ripped off while the Usual Suspects get rich selling their produce to the Chinese.

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