Shoo Roo: Population boom triggers harvest call

KANGAROO PROBLEM: Grant District deputy mayor and district farmer Brian Collins stands at a gate to a Port MacDonnell property that has large number of kangaroos grazing.

WITH kangaroo numbers increasing and causing an alarming number of vehicle collisions on rural roads, a push to cull the native animal is on the rise.

Amid anecdotal evidence suggesting kangaroos caused up to 40pc of vehicle collisions, Grant District Council has written to new Environment Minister David Speirs and Transport Minister Stephan Knoll highlighting the problems with kangaroo numbers and the need for a “sustainable harvest”.

Insurance companies have labelled Port Augusta and Mount Gambier as


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What about some wildlife corridors and some road overpasses or underpasses on the most risky areas where collisions occur? There is enough violence towards animals already, and kangaroos are genuine native species, in a country in which their habitats are being destroyed or compromised. Holistic and non-lethal methods of control always more ethical and should be the first priority. As for “sustainable harvest”- killing the alpha males means less breeding controls and bigger populations.

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