Shipwreck in sight for hobby diver

HISTORIC PLUNGE: Carl von Stanke (right) pictured in 2014 with Department of Environment senior heritage officer Amer Khan and after taking the plunge into the clear waters at Carpenters Rocks in pursuit of the Hawthorn shipwreck.

HOBBY diver and exploration enthusiast Carl Von Stanke is endeavouring to add another shipwreck to his list of discoveries after recently relocating what he believes is the site of the Edith Haviland.

During the summer months, Mr Von Stanke plans to find the ship which went missing near Carpenter Rocks in 1877 with the loss of five lives.

Searching for shipwrecks in his spare time, Mr Von Stanke’s adventurous lifestyle started in 2011, when he helped identify a well-known wreck with Flinders University, located off the


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