School ‘shops around’ to support businesses

Fiona Bryant Delivering To North Primary TBW Newsgroup
LOCALS SUPPORTING LOCALS: Bryant’s Bakery owner Fiona Bryant delivers takeaway items to Mount Gambier North Primary School’s leadership team which has thrown its support behind local businesses across the region.

STAFF at Mount Gambier North Primary School are ‘shopping around’ for their takeaway coffee and lunch orders to support the embattled sector.

With tough restrictions placed on the majority of Australian food outlets in response to the coronavirus, the school’s leadership team is selecting a different independent business each school day to support.

School deputy principal Lisa Tapp – who has driven the initiative – said she was encouraging her team and hopefully others in the community to support local businesses.

“Traditionally staff would collectively order lunch once a week on a Thursday, but for the past fortnight, we have asked different restaurants to provide lunch for our staff,” Ms Tapp said.

“We will continue to encourage everyone who can to support our businesses during these difficult times.

“I have always encouraged my students to be kind and help one another.

“It is important to set an example for our kids and to help others when needed it in any way possible.”

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