School assault fear

A PARENT has raised alarming concerns about the behavioural issues of some students at a Mount Gambier primary school, alleging his six-year-old daughter had been seriously assaulted on several occasions.

From having cords wrapped around her neck to students attacking her with a stick, Lee Morgan has revealed how his young daughter is now fearful of attending Mount Gambier North Primary School.

“My daughter used to love going to school and now every morning she is in tears and trying to get her to school is difficult because understandably she is frightened,” Mr Morgan said.

“She’s had hands on her throat, cords wrapped around her neck, been slapped in the face, classrooms have been locked down at the school, so there are a lot of problems.”

Last month, he personally witnessed the ongoing anti-social behaviour.

“I was having trouble getting my daughter to school, I finally got her there at 10am and the classroom door


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