Wine Impact Conference in South Australia

WINE CONFERENCE: Independent wine industry consultant Andre Morgenthal will discuss building a successful brand from a South African perspective.

The Wine Industry Impact Conference to be held next week on November 28 and 29 in Adelaide and South Australian regions will be providing practical suggestions, ideas, and examples for wine industry operators to elevate their businesses.

Executive Officer of the Wine Industry Suppliers Association Cameron Hills urged all businesses operating in the wine sector to come along to Day One of the Conference next Tuesday at Adelaide Oval, which will feature three international speakers and a host of local experts who will address everything from; distribution, to state-of-the-art marketing, to personnel management during times of change.

Just some of the key questions being put forward and answered include what are the top five global wine trends and how can businesses avoid the pitfalls but instead turn them to profit, How are oversupply issues being addressed successfully in other agricultural sectors and how can businesses operating in the wine sector apply the principles?

“The Conference is themed; ‘The Only Way is Up’ and we see there is a real opportunity for businesses working in wine to hear about and discuss what are some of the options and new thinking that can make the most of the challenging times we are facing,” Mr Hills said.