Rural community gripped by asbestos fear

ASBESTOS FEARS: Greg Childs with children Jacob, Jensen, Matilda and Mia at Mr Childs’ Compton property, opposite Sandy Ridge Landfill. Nearby residents, many with young families, could soon be living less than 60m from the boundary of an asbestos burial site if the Environmental Protection Authority approves an application to vary the landfill licence.

“WE have had sleepless nights since we found out – this is a living nightmare and our concerns are not being taken seriously,” Compton resident Greg Childs told The Border Watch yesterday.

“We are worried about airborne particles more than anything else – if asbestos dust was exposed and we had a south-easterly wind, about 20 houses are right in the firing line.”

Mr Childs has lived opposite Sandy Ridge Landfill for


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