Rock solid season for lobster fishermen

ROCK lobster fishermen in the South East have clocked off early this season with quotas filled rapidly due to favourable weather and high catch rates.

Port MacDonnell Professional Fisherman’s Association president Roger Cutting said while the season typically begins in October and ends in May, only a small number of fishermen were still to catch the remainder of their quota.

“As of last Wednesday we had eight tonne left to catch and today we only have four tonne left to go and it looks like it will all be caught soon,” Mr Cutting told The Border Watch this week.

“It has been a


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Rock lobster numbers to drop in SA
By William Rollo
Friday, 20/01/2012

Southern rock lobster numbers in South Australian fisheries are predicted to remain the same, or drop within the next five years.
The South Australian Research and Development Institute has been monitoring numbers of puerulus, which is the larvea form of the southern rock lobster.
Fisheries have had high catch rates this season, but recent observations show a lower number of puerulus at present.
Dr Adrian Linnane from SARDI says the industry should pay close attention to the predictions.
“I guess the advice to industry and managers is we’ve had a recruitment pulse but we need to protect that recruitment pulse in the coming years,” he says.

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