Red Couch: Fuss Wellness Spa and Advanced Skin Clinic

EXPERIENCED: Fuss Wellness Spa and Advanced Skin Clinic owner and paramedical skin technician Mardi Goodes discusses her business journey with The Border Watch on The Red Couch. Pictures: KYRA SYKES

AFTER 25 years in the beauty industry, Mount Gambier’s Mardi Goodes stepped out of her comfort zone and into business with Fuss Wellness Spa and Advanced Skin Clinic.

With an aim to offer more than standard beauty services, Mardi has delved deep into the realm skin care and revision.

Since its establishment in 2004, Fuss has experienced plenty of change and development.

“We are in our 13th year now, so it has been a while, but it has gone pretty quick and we have had many changes over the years,” Mardi said.

She said going into business was rewarding.

“I worked 25 years in the industry for many people, so I think it was just time for me to do something for myself,” Mardi said.

“Since then, I have not looked back and it has been the best thing I have ever done.

“It has been hard, but being in charge of your own destiny is really rewarding.”

The business now offers a broad spectrum of services from basic brow shaping to in-depth skin analysis and treatment.

“We do many things, but our focus at the moment is skin,” Mardi said.

“We use a paramedical product which allows us to revise skin conditions and get great results.”

Mardi has a passion for education about skin and has since gained qualifications as a paramedical skin technician.

Her studies have enabled the business to expand its services and provide professional skin advice – a first for the city.

She said the business’ primary focus was skin, but that has not always been the case.

“When we first opened we were known for massage and now we are heading more into the skin realm,” Mardi said.

“We are still fabulous at massage, but our passion is skin and that is where our expertise lies.”

Fuss currently employs five people and Mardi said the team was constantly on the lookout for potential staff members.

“We are always looking for passionate individuals with a love of learning,” she said.

“There is so much expertise involved, so a willingness to learn and better oneself is crucial.”

Business owners are often juggling work, family and social lives, something Mardi is all too familiar with.

When she is not seeing clients at Fuss, Mardi is often spotted in the kitchen or relaxing at home.

“My downtime is often family time, but I do love cooking, so you will find me in the kitchen on Sundays,” she said.

“My favourite dishes include kale salad, salmon and a classic Sunday roast.”

Mardi said she had no interest in opening her business in a larger city.

“I love Mount Gambier – it is just a great spot, I knew I didn’t want to be in the cities and here we get a cross between a city and country town,” she said.

“The people are amazing and there is a real community spirit – it’s home.”

She said Mount Gambier could benefit from switching the late night shopping evening to Fridays.

“I would love to see late night shopping change to a Friday night, I think it would encourage more people to get out and about,” she said.

“Also I would love to see the main part of Commercial Street developed into a mall or thoroughfare so we can have food trucks, live music and encourage mingling and community.”

Going into business can be challenging and Mardi said it was not for the faint of heart.

“Ask yourself why, then keep asking yourself why and if you can think of nothing else, then go for it,” she said.

“You cannot open a successful business without passion.”

Watch the video interview with Mardi here.

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