Processing industry on cards for South East as ‘sub region’ proposal to allow commercial shooting

Matthew Fox 2 TBW Newsgroup
ROO MEAT SUPPORT: Mount Gambier butcher Matthew Fox – who holds a tray of kangaroo meat steaks – has thrown his support behind the move to allow commercial harvesting of the native animal in the region. He says kangaroo meat is “very lean”, sustainable and a natural resource. Picture: SANDRA MORELLO

THE Limestone Coast could become home to a “fully fledged” kangaroo processing industry if new harvesting zones are


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This stinks. Typical last ditch effort to give useless humans something to do, by a government with no financial idea, the economy going down the drain. Kangaroos must never be a ‘resource’. They are beautiful native animals with families and social structure and they are supposed to be PROTECTED!! They are true Australians, not these people who can’t even get a decent job without harming, without killing, without ruining our fragile environment.

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