Power failure – city businesses left in the dark under new electrical metering system

METERING MISERY: Electrician Chris Carrison says he is “dealing in disappointment” under a new nationwide electrical metering system. Picture: BRITTANY DENTON

A NEW nationwide system for installing and connecting electricity meters has left one Commercial Street business without power for more than three weeks, while new house connections across the region have been delayed up to 30 days.

Under the Federal Government’s metering contestability initiative, energy retailers are now responsible for installing and connecting electricity meters.

While SA Power Networks (SAPN) will energise up to the meter isolator and attach safety stickers and tags, customers must now wait on “metering coordinators” appointed by energy providers to make the final connection.

Mount Gambier electrician Chris Carrison said he had been “dealing in disappointment” since the legislation was introduced and feared delays could lead to the end of his business.

“Before metering contestability, a bloke from SAPN based in Mount Gambier would come around to fit the meter when you were building a new home or if you modified your meter position,” Mr Carrison explained.

“The problem is retailers do not have metering coordinators based in Mount Gambier, so now


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