Tough drug driving lesson for learner

A LEARNER driver was caught driving at Mount Gambier with cannabis in his system during a statewide police operation over the weekend.

The 26-year-old Mount Gambier man was among 52 drivers detected for either an alcohol or drug driving offence in the 24-hour period from 7am Saturday as part of Operation Stop Drink Drug Drive over the weekend.

Across South Australia, police conducted 4502 breath tests and 195 drug screening tests with the Mount Gambier man one of three people returning a positive test for cannabis, while 10 drivers had meth in their system and a further four had a combination of both.

Additionally, 21 vehicles were impounded and 20 drivers were issued with an immediate loss of licence notice.

Superintendent Bob Gray, the Officer in Charge of the Traffic Services Branch, was appalled at the number of drink and drug drivers found during the Operation.

“These readings are unacceptable and there’s absolutely no excuse for this behaviour,” he said.

“No individual can justify getting behind the wheel while drunk or on drugs, there’s no way someone can make sense of that.

“If you take drugs and/or drink drive, you need to accept that your actions are selfish and you’re endangering not only your life, but the lives of others.”