Former Mount Gambier public officer’s jail term suspended

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BAIL REFUSED: Three men were remanded in custody in court yesterday following their arrest in the early hours of the morning in relation to various serious incidents.

A FORMER public officer who accepted a $100 bribe to smuggle drugs into the Mount Gambier Prison has received a suspended sentence.

Sharif Kradolfer, 40, appeared in the Mount Gambier District Court yesterday to be sentenced.

The court heard Kradolfer was previously employed by a private group as a public officer at the Mount Gambier Prison for over 12 years.

While acting as the facility’s catering manager, it was alleged on July 6, 2018, Kradolfer was offered $100 to transport drugs into the prison for prisoners.

“It was arranged for you to pick up the drugs, but when you arrived they were not there,” Judge Soulio said.

“I understand you did not complete the crime.”

Judge Soulio revealed the offending could result in a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment.

He questioned whether had Kradolfer successfully transported drugs into the prison, if more could have possibly followed.

“You were raised by a single mother until the age of 16 when you were evicted to live with your grandmother,” Judge Soulio said.

“You had a disruptive childhood attending many different schools, completing Year 11 at high school.”

Judge Soulio said a relationship break-up had created anxiety and loneliness for the defendant.

“You moved to seek support from Mount Gambier’s criminal sub-culture which led to this offending,” Judge Soulio said.

The court heard the defendant had no prior criminal history.

Character references labelled Kradolfer a caring man who was a proud father with good parenting skills.

“He has strong moral beliefs due to (his) upbringing,” a reference said.

“He has been challenged by traumas in his life and has risen above those challenges.”

Judge Soulio said the matter was serious and the defendant had broken a serious breach of trust.

“Bringing drugs into prisons is a great concern,” he said.

“A term of imprisonment is the only form of punishment suitable.”

Kradolfer was sentenced six months imprisonment, suspended on him entering a $1000, 18-month good behaviour bond.

“I have suspended the sentence due to your good character, responsibility for your children, lack of prior history and consequences of this offending’s impact on you,” Judge Soulio said.

Kradolfer will be under supervision for one year and was ordered to complete 180 hours of community service.

Judge Soulio said normal firearms conditions would apply.

“You appear to be a good man,” he told the defendant.

“You put yourself in a dangerous situation and if the discovery was found any later, it would have been a lot more dangerous for you.”