Thieves hit golf club

A SPATE of recent thefts has irked members of the Millicent Golf Club, who are now ramping up security at the facility.

Thieves have repeatedly broken into locked sheds at the isolated course at Mount Burr over the past two months and stolen various items including second-hand golf balls, an industrial-size chainsaw and diesel.

The latest incident occurred between Thursday and Saturday when batteries were stolen from two buggies parked in a locked shed.

Club vice-president Mark Pilmore said each set of batteries was worth $200.

Mr Pilmore estimated the property had been targeted on at least four occasions since the start of December.

“In all, we estimate around $4000 worth of property has been stolen,” Mr Pilmore said.

“Our licensed clubrooms are always locked and alarmed.

“We are now looking at additional security measures around the course.”

He said Millicent police have been advised of the thefts and are investigating the crimes.

Last year, thieves targeted the Penola Golf Club and stole 200 litres of diesel fuel, cutting a chain to gain access to the site.

At the time, Limestone Coast superintendent Phil Hoff said fuel theft was increasing, with a number of incidents reported to police.

Meanwhile, police are investigating several instances of diesel fuel theft on farming and business properties in January.

During the investigation, police have discovered the quality of some of the stolen diesel may seriously impact on the function of diesel engines.

Police urged people not to purchase cheap or discount fuel from unauthorised distributors.

Individuals who have suffered diesel engine failures or significant malfunctions between January 20 and February 3 are urged to contact police.

Police are also seeking information on anyone involved in the possession or distribution of stolen fuel.

Farmers and business owners with diesel stored on site are encouraged to consider installing security lighting and enclose tanks with a lockable security fence.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.