Penola Primary School Book Launch

YEAR 1 and 2 students from Penola Primary School hosted their own book launches recently with more than 60 parents and community members attending the event.

Organised by teacher Isabella Dihm, the students spent the past term creating books with a focus on specific language and techniques to entertain their audience.

Each student was an “expert” in their chosen topic, writing mini books on a subject they were passionate about.

Once books were completed it was time for the friends, family and loved ones see what the students had created.

The little authors then helped create entertaining books with their guests, teaching them all of the techniques they had learnt in addition to showcasing their already finished products.

“Our class is incredibly grateful from the support they received from the school community,” Ms Dihm said.

“I cannot believe how many family members and friends turned up for the kids.

“The whole purpose of publishing books is for someone to read them so it was great they came out and supported them.”

This is the second “book launch” held at Penola Primary School, with Ms Dihm’s 2018 class hosting an event last year.


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Sounds like such a wonderful initiative. Congratulations. I volunteer at a small school in Tassie that’s looking to enhance their books and Buddies program to encourage more parent engagement. Would you mind if we piggybacked on your idea?

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