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OPINION: Population, jobs plan have all been heard before

WHEN my parents decided to immigrate to Australia in 1952 there were certain strings attached to gaining entry into their new country. One of the criteria was that my father Norm required guaranteed employment[...]

OPINION: Money can grow on trees

I NOTE calls from the forestry industry to plant a billion new trees and the issue of water rights, plus opportunities for our most important industry.Carbon credits is a core issue and one recent and accurate estimate is that an[...]

OPINION: ‘Dinosaur armed ad dangerous with a mobile phone

By Graham Greenwood MY first association with a mobile telephone was back in 1988 when playing for Grange Cricket Club. One of the so-called batting...

OPINION: Millicent icon lost with Community Club closure

ALTHOUGH the writing was on the wall regarding the future viability of the Millicent and District Community Club, it still came as a huge shock to not only us, but many other Millicent residents, that it happened so suddenly{...]

OPINION: Heat on horizon to combat seasonal affective disorder

WITH the end of winter, the days are getting a bit longer and it will not be long until summer and full days of sunshine once again. For those who suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it will be a welcome relief. SAD is a[...]

OPINION: Vince Versace has done Mount Gambier proud

SOMETIMES a gem can be hidden, even though it is right before our very eyes. One such gem, which is among the city's great achievements and success stories, is the Woodlands and Hallmont Retirement Villages, or as builder [...]

OPINION: Pioneers’ clouded future raises concerns

THE revelation last week the Pioneers basketball team may not exist past 2019 should have sent shockwaves through Town Hall leaving councillors facing doubts...

OPINION: Council poll backflip a win for common sense

IF the "survey" announced by city council this week on the $40m indoor sports centre is indeed a de facto ratepayer's poll, it is...

It was almost the perfect month for Tony Pasin

IT WAS almost the perfect past month for Member for Barker Tony Pasin and, in some ways, for the city of Mount Gambier. Firstly, Mr...

OPINION: Comment sought on proposed domestic violence laws

NOBODY could see bruises on Jean’s neck. But in the heat of an argument with her partner, he tried to strangle her and today Jean...

OPINION: Mayor faces tough challenge from chamber boss

IN recent weeks, talk around town about council elections in November this year has reached fever pitch. But it has now gone to a new...

Mayor Lee ‘remains in denial’ as more call for pool poll

AS the move to force council to have a poll on the indoor sports centre gathers momentum, it is amazing how the mayor Andrew...

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3G closing in six weeks

TELSTRA and Optus will be switching off its 3G network in six weeks. The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has officially warned all Australians...