Endless opportunities

Photo: Supplied

SENIOR secondary students approaching the end of their school year are considering their future careers. There are exciting opportunities in high-tech fields such as robotics, mathematics, augmented reality and more, by pursuing a career in agriculture.

Even in regional areas such as ours, some people think that agriculture is about mending fences and driving tractors.

These are important, but only a tiny section of an industry that is the backbone of the State’s economy. Agribusinesses are our largest export sector, our largest manufacturing sector, a key feature of our tourism offering and the major employer and economic driver of most South Australian regions.

The possibilities in AgTech are endless.

AgTech has the potential to grow the gross value of our State’s agricultural production by up to $2.6 billion each year and ensure the sustained productivity and profitability of our agricultural industries.

Whether we are creating augmented reality apps to help farmers recognise animal diseases, developing satellites to map growth patterns, researching virtual fencing technology or finding ways to reduce water wastage, AgTech helps our primary producers work smarter and solve critical industry challenges posed by the changing environment.

The Government has five AgTech demonstration farms where these types of technologies are developed and tested across the diverse landscapes found in South Australia.

I encourage school leavers to consider the wide range of next generation careers available in agriculture, and I look forward to hearing about creative ideas put forward by our next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs and innovators.

Clare Scriven,

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development